Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dialog: one of the big succes stories in Bursa

Nice story Enduring Passions in the Singapore Business Times about founder Ngau Boon Keat, about his childhood, the hardships, his mother in China, the growth of his company Dialog, etc.

"To be fair, the co-founder of Dialog Group has also enriched his shareholders. One lot, or a thousand shares, of the Malaysian-listed oil and gas company, priced at RM2,750 when bought in 1996 during its initial public offering, has since multiplied to 88,000 shares after share splits and bonus issues. Over the past 16 years, total gross returns have amounted to an impressive 7,763 per cent or a compounded annual growth rate of 34 per cent."

I can't check the data, but I assume it is correct. That would make Dialog one of the biggest success stories on the Bursa Malaysia.

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