Thursday 24 December 2015

Utusan crushes Buffett's track record

Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) announced that it is selling its stake in Maqamad Sdn Bhd for RM 48 Million. It had bought this stake eight months before for only RM 100K.

Kinibiz's "Tigertalk" wrote about the deal:

"What about the possibility that Utusan has been harbouring the Malaysian answer to Warren Buffett all this while? Possible, possible… the possibilities are endless. Numbers don’t lie and Utusan really is selling what it says was worth RM100,000 eight months ago for RM48 million now.

With an investment manager able to pick out an investment giving 47,900% in returns within an eight-month timeframe lurking in our midst, perhaps Khazanah Nasional extended the contract of its managing director Azman Mokhtar a tad too hastily, eh?"

Details are scant, understandably so, why would any fund manager give away his secrets? Transparency is of course for softies, while corporate governance, honestly, who cares with RM 48 Million cash in the bank?

Warren Buffett's record on Berkshire Hathaway is definitely not bad, increasing the share price from USD 13 to about USD 200,000. But that took a full fifty years, who has so much patience?

Buffett's track record shows an annualized return of about 21% per year, while Utusan scored 47,900% in only eight months time. Now we are talking business ......

Wishing all readers happy holidays.

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  1. is there sth "fishy" here? Becoz it is an UMNO company, kind of very suspicious.