Thursday, 18 February 2016

Shell Malaysia: shocker (3)

At the very least the current, faithful minority shareholders of Shell deserved a much better explanation than previously provided by the company.

I think the Board of Directors also came to that conclusion (possibly pressured by some organisations like MSWG), therefore they announced today a media release, which can be found here.

It is much better than the previous information, is not clouded in legal terms and gives a background of the reasoning behind the deal and the price per share.

I am sure that most (if not all) shareholders of Shell will still be disappointed, but at least this gives some consolation.

It is possible that Shell's share price has simply been too high over the last years, not in line with its fundamentals and its future prospects. Time will tell.


  1. Hopefully your blog posts help put the issue in the spotlight too!

  2. Thank you, would be good but I don't count on it