Friday, 21 September 2012

Blast from the Past: the Carrian case (2)

Interesting documentary from Crime & Investigation about Jalil Ibrahim, the real hero in the Carrian case:

"The Banker who knew too much"

According to this website, Jalil Ibrahim is the only civilian who ever received the highest federal award of Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa ("Gallant Warrior" or "Warrior of Extreme Valour").

David webb has a collection of articles about George Tan of the Carrian case, but unfortunately his website started only in 1998.

Through Google many newspaper clips can be found, here is one of them:


  1. Great find on David Webb's site. How on earth did you manage to find this?

    1. I have watched the documentary and it raises very interesting questions. Unfortunately, it focuses very specifically on Jalil's death.

    2. Too bad there isn't a comprehensive documentary covering the rise and fall of Carrian. That would give a better context as to the whole saga.

  2. Yes, I would also love to know more about Carrian, how could the founder pull this off, in such a short while from nothing to one of the largest caps in HK.

  3. Dear M.A. Wind,

    Well, you could check out the library in Singapore. There's 2/3 books relevant to to the saga. Unfortunately, they're in the reference section only.

    At least you get the chance to read... unlike us poor blokes over here...

  4. Thanks, will visit when I have time. Unfortunately, looks like one can not borrow the books, I have to read them there.

  5. Yes, too bad it's in the reference section. Any way to make photocopies? I wouldn't mind buying the originals but these are definitely out of print. Sigh :(

    Well if you do get a chance to read, do share your insights with us :D

  6. An interesting one "BMF - The People's Black Paper" from Hassan Abdul Karim, pages 95-112:'sEconomicPolicies_SecondEdition%5BJomo%5D1989.pdf


    have a look guys

  8. Thanks, very interesting although Google only shows a few pages. Guess I have to go to the library for this.