Thursday, 27 December 2012

KiniBiz, new business website

KiniBiz has been announced on the Malaysiakini website. I am a fan of P. Gunasegaram, one of the rare journalists who dares to speak up, who is one of the founders. For a long time I hoped that Malaysiakini would also focus on business issues. It only makes sense, since politics and business are so often, unfortunately, intertwined in Malaysia.

KiniBiz's teaser:

"What's the real deal? In the dark? We're not surprised. Business news should go beyond the spin and the hype. We will smash through the barrier with independent, fast, and incisive business news to discerning readers.

We will break news, analyse it, dissect the complexities and comment unflinchingly. We will unravel and reveal the players behind the scenes and put things in the right context. And more. If you want to be informed and be ahead of the crowd and the market, you will want to read us - everyday and during the day. We will shed some light."

We feel there is a gap to be filled in the coverage of business news. We aim to fill that gap. It would take effort and it would be a different kind of editorial stance from what we have seen before in the coverage of Malaysian business news.

KiniBiz also aims to be a complete portal for business news which means that we will closely follow foreign business news as well, especially those which have a major impact on the average citizen and this region. We will carefully select the news, analysis and commentary here, too.

Unfortunately, it will be for subscribers only, but if the quality is good, that should not be an issue. Hoping for some truly independent, in-depth research of Malaysian business issues. Start will be somewhere in the first quarter of 2013.

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