Tuesday, 19 November 2013

MAS: disappointing again

I have written several times about MAS, unfortunately not in a very positive way, and I am afraid this posting will not bring much change into that.

A few days ago, the mood was positive:

The Star: "MAS heading for profit, record passenger numbers"

The Edge: "Hot Stock MAS rises 3% on possible 3Q profit"

But it was not to be, the quarterly results were announced today:

One small positive note, as reported:

But that is rather ironic, if we put it into context:

Any company that just received RM 3,074,800,000.00 in cash from its shareholders should show a decent cash position, or not?

May be the only consolation for MAS' shareholders is that AirAsia X also lost money:

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  1. MAS has rot beyond salvation. Nice to guess MAS demise date/year.