Thursday, 11 September 2014

"The Great Australian Investment Ponzi"

A friend pointed me at an interesting, hard hitting blog with the above title, written by someone who calls himself "Dr. Benway".

From Wikipedia: "Dr. Benway is the name of a recurring character in many of William S. Burroughs' novels, including Naked Lunch and Nova Express. He is referred to only as "Dr. Benway" or "Doc Benway" (his first name is never revealed).

He lacks a conscience and is more interested in his surgical performance than his patients' well-being."

The last sentence does indeed seem to be valid for the blog.

In the blog, rather specific cases are mentioned regarding Australian listed companies.

Some of the companies have links to companies listed on the Singapore or Malaysia exchanges, so readers of this blog might be interested.

The readers should themselves judge if they agree with the contents and/or if the wording chosen by "Dr. Benway" is too strong/controversial for their taste. As usual: "reader beware".

Articles regarding the Blumont group: here, here and here.

Articles regarding the Catcha group: here, here and here.

Other articles: here, here and here.

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  1. Bursa and SC should check on Catcha's accounts and its subsidiaries. No smoke without fire.