Saturday 4 June 2016

Poor earnings growth for Bursa listed companies (4)

My previous postings on this subject can be found here and here.

I have updated the latest preliminary results for 2016, comparing them with the same period in 2015.

Below the difference in the results (Blue is positive, Red is negative):

Worst performer is SapuraKencana Petroleum, followed by TNB, AMMB and Genting.

Relatively best were IOI Corp and KL Kepong.

So far the net earnings of the Top 30 Bursa companies are trailing the 2015 numbers (over the same period) by more than RM 4 Billion.

That is really bad news, since the 2015 earnings were already lower than the 2012 numbers in MYR, and much lower if counted in USD:

The statement made by UOBKayHian Research "a meek mid-single-digit growth recovery in 2016"  made only five weeks ago seems rather optimistic.

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