Friday, 25 November 2016

PNB reveals secret of how it makes money to pay high dividends

Article in The Star: "PNB reveals secret of how it makes money to pay high dividends"

That is indeed a catchy heading.

I have to admit, I have been a sceptic of the PNB funds, both regarding the high returns, the absence of down years and the fact that so many people borrow money to invest in these funds.

The problem with the article in The Star is, that nowhere is exactly revealed to the reader how PNB does make money to pay its high dividends. That is disappointing, to say the least, because that seems to have been the purpose for the meeting according to the title of the article.

Some of the returns of PNB funds can be found here and in other postings in the same blog.

I notice that the returns are getting lower, from the juicy double digit returns in the nineties to returns in the high single digits in this century.

But even those high single digits are much higher than average long term Malaysian share market returns.

I have written before about two subjects that seem relevant to this discussion:

I hope PNB will share its presentation (hopefully with lots of numbers to digest) not only with journalists but also with the Malaysian public.

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