Thursday, 1 December 2016

MyEG shares jump after juicy government contract (3)

I wrote before about this issue, here and here.

Bursa announced the following enforcement:

Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (635998-W) (Bursa Malaysia Securities) has publicly reprimanded My E.G. Services Berhad (“MYEG” or “the Company”) and its Managing Director, Wong Thean Soon for breaching the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Main LR).  In addition, the Managing Director has been fined RM50,000.

MYEG is publicly reprimanded for breaching paragraph 9.08(2) of the Main LR which prescribes that a listed issuer must ensure that no disclosure of material information is made on an individual or selective basis to analysts, shareholders, journalists or other persons unless such information has previously been fully disclosed and disseminated to the public (i.e. to Bursa Malaysia Securities pursuant to paragraph 9.08(5) of the Main LR).  In the event that material information is inadvertently disclosed on the occasion of any meeting with analysts, shareholders, journalists or others, it must be publicly disseminated as promptly as possible.

MYEG had at the CIMB Conference on 6 January 2015 disclosed the government’s decision for MYEG to implement the fully online renewal of foreign workers’ permit from 2015 onwards (“the New Renewal of Foreign Workers Permit Arrangement”) as well as impact of the same to the Company (e.g. market share and market potential).

However, the announcement on the New Renewal of Foreign Worker Permit Arrangement was made to Bursa Malaysia Securities only on 9 & 12 January 2015 and even so, without any disclosure of details of its impact / implication on MYEG’s financials which was disclosed in MYEG’s presentation to the fund managers at the CIMB Conference.

The New Renewal of Foreign Workers Permit Arrangement was material / significant to the Company’s business and prospects as well as financials to MYEG particularly as the arrangement would increase the Company’s market share on renewal of foreign work permits from 8% (based on MYEG’s representation at the CIMB Conference) to 100%.

There was a significant increase of up to 26% in the Company’s share price from 6 January 2015 to 9 January 2015 with high volume traded following MYEG’s presentation at the CIMB Conference on 6 January 2015, the CIMB Equities research report issued on 7 January 2015 which had, amongst others, stated that the target price for MYEG was to be RM7.80 (from RM5.28) and The Star article on 9 January 2015 which had reported on the New Renewal of Foreign Workers Permit Arrangement. 

Wong Thean Soon, the Managing Director of MYEG is publicly reprimanded and fined RM50,000 for breaching paragraph 16.13(b) of the Main LR where he had permitted the Company’s breach of paragraph 9.08(2) of the Main LR.  He had selectively disclosed information on the New Renewal of Foreign Workers Arrangement in making the presentation for MYEG at the CIMB Conference on 6 January 2016.

In addition to the public reprimand, MYEG is required to undertake or arrange for the necessary training programme(s) in relation to compliance with the disclosure obligation under the Main LR and ensure its directors and relevant personnel of the Company attend the same.
Bursa Malaysia Securities views the contravention seriously as the disclosure obligations are fundamental obligations of listed companies to preserve and sustain market integrity and investor confidence.

Bursa Malaysia Securities has reminded MYEG and its Board of Directors on their responsibility to maintain the appropriate standards of corporate responsibility and accountability to its shareholders and the investing public

The above enforcement was expected, it is reasonably fast and gives the right amount of detail in the above press release, both regarding the impact of the contract on the business of MyEG and on the share price.

However, the size of the fine (only RM 50K) looks very low, is this really an adequate deterrent? Especially since Wong Thean Soon settled only a few months before the highest regulatory amount in the history of the SC:

"On 26 September 2014, Wong Thean Soon (“TS Wong”), entered into a settlement with the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) in the sum of RM7,000,000 when he agreed without admission or denial of liability, to settle a claim that the SC was proposing to institute against him and 13 others for the manipulation of MyEG Services Berhad shares between 16 January 2007 and 24 April 2007, contrary to section 84(1) of the Securities Industry Act 1983."

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