Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Amin Shah and the Singapore-Batam ferry (2)

I have written before about this case, for more details I recommend the reader first to read that blog post.

There is a new development, a judgment in an appeal by JR Marine Systems Pte Ltd against Bernadette Adeline Rankine.

The crux of the matter:
The Decision, going against Amin Shah in favour of Bernadette Rankine:

And one final observation by the judge:

In the case of the Singapore-Batam ferry, reference is made to an Australian court case between JR Marine Systems Pte Ltd and Wavemaster International Pty Ltd (a shipbuilder), I found this link.

To complicate matters even further, Ms. Rankine had filed a complaint against lawyers for professional misconduct, but withdrew the complaint later on, the case can be found here.

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  1. this is interesting. I have followed this thread, and read with interest that they have tried umpteen times to deliberately delay the transfer. wonder what happened to the rest of shareholders...