Friday, 31 July 2015

Fake degrees at listed companies? (3)

Received a helpful tip about my post of yesterday regarding Lim Yin Chow.

First of all an example of the disclosure in the 2012 annual report (page 5) of Rev Asia:

Bursa has established that "Dr" Lim has not graduated from the University of Hong Kong. That is bad.

But more worrisome is that he is involved in the healthcare business where his "doctors" title must have carried even more weight.

One example can be found in an interview in The Edge (dated November 29, 2009), listed on the website of HSC (it can also be found on the website of The Edge).

One snippet:

"Dr Lim: We saw how things work there, and wanted to try them here. Over here, most hospitals are opened by businessmen. We're medical people, so we know what the market or patient wants."

The question that remains: is a reprimand and fine from Bursa really enough?


  1. I have previous dealings with the fake doctor "Dr" Lim.

    I made the complaint to Bursa one year ago. I am glad actions have finally been taken. I have also made police report one and half year ago. I understand that MMC has also made a police report one year ago. I believed the police are in the midst of investigating this fraud case and I hope Bursa's action will assist the police to speed up their investigations and charge him and put him away and cause further damage and harm to the society.

    Lim forged the degree in 1992 using the name "Lim Loong Lu @ Lim Yin Chow", impersonating the real Dr Lim Loong Lu, a real medical practitioner in HK. I have copies of the degrees. He then went on to register as a medical doctor with Malaysia Medical Council (MMC) in 1993. Since then he has never stop. He went on to set up HSC MEDICAL CENTER IN 2003, A FULL-FLEDGED private hospital along Jalan Ampang. he also went on to do development, project known as Aragreens in Ara Damansara.

    I filed a civil suit against him and others. He chose not to attend court and give evidence and kept avoiding giving answers regarding his degree. Shameless coward and cheat.

  2. I noticed the following twitter account:

    1. saw this documents there?
      really amazing !

  3. Mr. Soo,

    What is "Dr" Lim's background? Were his partners aware of this?

    Thank you.

  4. "Dr" Lim always claimed that he graduated as a medical doctor from HKU in 1992 at the suspicious age of 31 but never practised a single day as a medical doctor. He started his wheeling and dealing business claiming to be politically well connected and "successfully" listed a few listed companies.

    His stories impressed his current partner, cardiologist Dr Soo Chee Siong so much that they co-founded HSC Medical Center in 2003. The holding company HSC Healthcare has its HQ, medical center and hospital in their own impressive 23 storey building, Menara HSC along Jalan Ampang.

    In the civil suit that I filed against "Dr" Lim and his partner Dr Soo and their companies in 2012, the documents regarding "Dr" Lim fake degree surface in court in January 2014, that's where he abruptly resigned from Signature and Rev for "health" reasons.

    While "Dr" Lim has refused to testify as a witness, Dr Soo claimed that it does not matter to him whether Lim is a medical doctor or not because his involvement is non medical. What an convenient excuse! Where is morality, integrity and principles? Since the matter surface in Jan 2004, Lim while officially resigned as HSC's director, remains substantial shareholder and carries on the group activities as Chairman of the Group. Were his partners aware? Very much so and harbouring a "fraud".

    If you check the chinese website, you will be shocked at what he said during interviews: practise at a top british hospital in HK, further training in UK and US, written for the Harvard review, operated on ex Indonesian President SBY etc
    This guy knows no shame. Unfortunately, most people in Malaysia is quite apathetic and mind their own business only.

    1. While I (unfortunately) am not able to read chinese, you can post relevant links to chinese articles

    2. I was a product executive for a MNC medical devices company, HSC was in my territory of coverage years ago. Besides "Dr" Lim, the main contact in HSC is Dr Soo. He was of particular demanding customer, In order to make him happy and complied accordingly to his standard of entertainment. Every medical devices company takes turn to buy him for lavish lunches and dinners, I ever heard a meal costs everagely Rm6k, as expensive wine is his favourite. My personal experience turned out to be disastrous and he didn't make any of my working days in the hospital a pleasant one. He expected you to be the servant to him, started by making coffee to him (I am not a hired tea lady by him), standing at the corner and waiting for his orders before and after his cardiac procedures, or even he and "Dr" Lim having conversation. Where was his respect to medical sales people, maybe he thought he more superior than us. His words could be cutting sometimes, I remembered that was one time, he shouted at me "get out of my room before I blow up" Well he was the well known cardiologist and I was nobody. So Folks, what do think of a company like this? Just my humble saying

  5. Thank you for exposing the true face of DR SOO. We need more brave souls to come out and expose corporate insolences. Please share more.