Monday, 21 September 2015

Limited ads on SGX website

A rather terse letter from the SGX to the editor of Straits Times (Singapore) regarding the SGX placing advertisements on their website, something I have written about already in 2013.

A few snippets with some comments by me:

"Online advertising is not unique to SGX among exchanges globally."

But that does not mean it is good. There are also many exchanges that do not publish advertisements (or only some, which are related and endorsed), like Bursa.

Many other exchanges are also public companies (which I am strongly against, due to the inherent conflict of interest), which might explain (part of) it, trying to maximize (or at least increase) profits.

The issue for me is that advertisements on the SGX website might be interpreted by viewers as being endorsed by the SGX, which is not the case. And for that reason alone, the SGX should not publish advertisements, in my opinion.

"SGX continually reviews the advertising categories and advertisers and blocks those not deemed fit for purpose."

In my posting an advertisement was not blocked that involved a company (Infinity Treasures) that is listed on the MAS Investor Alert List. Was that company "deemed fit for purpose"?

"Meanwhile, we are in the process of reviewing our website interface, having taken in constructive public feedback that it could be improved."

At least some good news, I have been very critical of SGX's website (Bursa's is so much better, faster, more easy to use, etc.), looking forward to the new website.

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