Thursday, 12 November 2015

Proven Oil Asia in trouble?

I have written several times about Proven Oil Asia.

The reason I wrote about this investment scheme was that a very similar one (Proven Oil Canada) in Germany seemed to have run in problems. Many of the names connected to the two schemes were the same. At the very least I had expected the authorities to have a close look at the scheme.

Both the Securities Commission and Bank Negara in Malaysia did indeed take action, Focus Malaysia and Kinibiz have written articles about the scheme.

In Singapore however I have not noticed any action whatsoever from the authorities, the media have also not given it any attention.

That might have been a mistake.

From recent information it looks like not only Proven Oil Canada but also Proven Oil Asia has run in some serious troubles.

MNP Ltd. ("one of Canada’s leading firms in Corporate Recovery & Restructuring") has a webpage devoted to Conserve Oil Group Inc., COGI Limited Partnership and Canadian Oil & Gas International. On October 26, 2015, MNP Ltd. was appointed as Receiver and Manager of these three companies.

Of interest are several of the articles listed on the webpage, for instance this one, some excerpts:

Another article with some excerpts:



The difficult structure of companies:

The convoluted structure might be a headache to unravel for investors in the schemes, but a field day for the lawyers involved.

In Germany a group has been formed by investors in the Proven Oil Canada scheme, the website is mostly in German, but Google Translate might help.

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