Tuesday, 3 November 2015

When will Hibiscus bloom? (2)

I wrote before about this subject, and in general about Hibiscus in a rather sceptical way.

I don't know if Hibiscus will ever bloom again, and if so when, but definitely not today.

Hibiscus' share price dropped steeply, way below its IPO price:

In an answer to an "UMA" (Unusual Market Activity) query by Bursa, the company replied:

".... the Company believes that there may be some shareholders who have been subject to margin calls on shares that have been collateralised and are being asked to regularise their margin positions."

Added to that, the short term outlook for Oil & Gas does not look good, the RM has depreciated against the USD and the company has never made an operational profit in its existence.

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  1. I suspect Bursa and brokers are the only beneficiaries of this given the excessive turnover this counter has generated. Utter punt-fest