Tuesday, 10 November 2015

When will Hibiscus bloom? (3)

From the previous posting about this subject:

".... the Company believes that there may be some shareholders who have been subject to margin calls on shares that have been collateralised and are being asked to regularise their margin positions."

It looks like at least one party has been revealed who was selling in the market due to margin calls, according to this announcement:


No of securities disposed 45,923,900

Circumstances by reason of which Securities Holder has interest Disposal on open market due to margin call forced selling

Hibiscus' shares were suspended yesterday, for the fifth time this year:

3D Oil (Hibiscus invested in the company and partially funds the exploration of the Sea Lion project) had a rather bad announcement today:

Its share price plunged 33% today:


  1. Apparently they also announced today they plan to acquire Australian O&G co Hydra Energy Holdings via the issuance of new shares...