Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Idea: Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800.HK) (3)

I recently have sold my Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (I wrote about it before here and here).

I don't think the price is now particularly expensive, but with a lot of risk globally and a quite high portion of the fund being invested in financials (of which I am not a fan) I have decided to take profit.

Given the recent increase in share price the dividend yield (one of the reasons I bought the share, that time close to 4%) has also fallen.

Including two dividends (of HKD 0.62 and HKD 0.15) the return is about 38% for a holding period of just over one year.

Disclaimer: this is not a recommendation. Please do your own homework and make your own investment decisions or ask advice from a professional advisor.

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