Thursday, 3 August 2017

XingQuan: boardroom getting rather empty

Two more independent directors of XingQuan resigned, "Due to time commitment issue" and somewhat more specific:

As he will not be able to discharge and perform the duties and responsibilities of an independent director due to the expiry of the employment contract of the CFO in early May 2017, the resignation of Audit Committee Chairman in end of May 2017, the recent resignation of the other independent director, and the inability of the Company to secure suitable candidates to fill the aforesaid vacancies since May 2017, he therefore tender resignation as an independent director.

That means that the audit committee is now vacant, as is the department of independent directors. Any takers? If not, who will defend the rights of the minority investors?

I have warned several times about XingQuan, the first time (XingQuan: does the company believe its own cash?) almost exactly two years ago.

So far no visible action has been taken by the authorities. Did it really have to come this far? Fast, adequate action might for instance have prevented the rights issue, pouring more good money after bad. Or may be some of the assets could have been saved and liquidated, to the advantage of the minority investors.

In a unrelated case, the Securities Commission has taken action against a father and son for submitting false or misleading information. But the punishment is a mere reprimand and permanent moratorium regarding listings in Malaysia. I guess the perpetrators will simply shrug their shoulders and move on, the world outside Malaysia is pretty large after all.

The real test will be if the Malaysian authorities will be able to fine foreigners or impose a jail sentence. So far no action of that kind has ever been taken against any of the listed Chinese companies in Malaysia. Time will tell if it ever will happen.

If it turns out to be near impossible to impose these penalties, then Bursa should never have allowed foreign companies to list in Malaysia, because of the absence of any significant deterrent.

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