Friday, 24 November 2017

AirAsia X 2017 Q3 provision

AirAsia X released its 3rd quarter 2017 results and the following press release.

One snippet:

“The Company did well operationally in 3Q17. However, the third quarter financial performance was set back by the one-off provision for doubtful debt of RM50.2 million. It is a necessary action that has to be taken as we move on from past management’s business decisions.  With the observed booking trends, we are in line with expectations for a recovery in the 4Q17."

RM 50.2 Million is a lot of money, Air Asia X should give more details regarding this provision for the benefit of its shareholders. The AirAsia group loves to bring positive news to the media in a big way, but seems rather "hesitant" when the news is bad.

Also, blaming the past management is not exactly "elegant". Was the Board of Directors aware of the issue at hand? If yes, then they might also have to bare part of the brunt. If not, why were they not informed?

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  1. I'm not sure of the details, but all these "one-offs" are a persistent drag on profitability...