Tuesday 23 August 2011

Marc Faber readies for hyperinflation, dollar’s demise and civil unrest

Marc Faber in his usual optimistic tone:

“Financial conditions are today worse than they were prior to the crisis in 2008,” he said in a telephone interview earlier this week from Thailand. “The fiscal deficits have exploded and the political system [in both the U.S. and Europe] has become completely dysfunctional.”

“The way I look at it,” Faber said, “I am ultra-bearish about everything geopolitically. In an environment of money printing, we have to ask ourselves, how do we protect our wealth? ... Where do we allocate the money? 

“I’m not that negative about equities,” Faber said. “If you’re bearish about the world, you’ll probably be better off in equities than in government bonds and cash.”

1. Avoid Treasurys
2. Cash is trash
3. Stocks offer some safety 
4. Emerging markets will expand
5. Gold is worth its weight

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