Sunday, 25 August 2013

250,000 page views and counting

This blog received more than a 250,000 page views, has more than 500 postings and more than 600 comments and is more than two years old: time to try to create some structure in the "chaos".

I therefore wrote the "Overview of this blog", which I will update from time to time.

Why I wrote this blog? Basically because I found that minority shareholders in Malaysia were much too often receiving the short end of the stick. One example is the delisting exercises at a low price where minority investors are pressured by the dual threats of holding shares of an unlisted company and of their shares being mandatory acquired. Another example are the (infamous) Related Party Transactions, done under conditions that are very favourable for the majority investors.

Another motivation to start this blog was the huge amount of hypocrisy, by the majority shareholders, the authorities and the press.

This blog tries to counter the hypocrisy, the tone is therefore cynical and contrarian. It presents things from the point of view of the retail investors.

Having followed the Malaysian news for about 20 years, I quickly found out that it is more important to find out what not has been written, than what is written, "reading" between the lines is a must.

Luckily, things have improved with the internet and the many (alternative) news providers. The mainstream media has also improved somewhat.

On the issue of Corporate Governance and enforcement, some progress has been made, but from a very low base. Although some offenders received jail sentences (the only real deterrent in my opinion), enforcement against VIPs (tycoons, businessmen with political ties, etc.) is still extremely rare.


  1. Congratulations Mr Wind. Thank you.

  2. thanks MA. we need more people like you.

  3. Thank you for keeping this blog active. We definitely need more "cynical" investors like yourself, Moolah and Dali around! Thanks again.

  4. Thank you all, hope to find the time to write.

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