Saturday, 10 August 2013

Top holdings of good Asian funds

I am not that bullish on equities at this moment (and even less bullish on bonds), but for those looking for investment ideas in the region, below top holdings of several good Asian funds might give some inspiration.

[1] Aberdeen Malaysian Equity Fund, factsheet

[2] Aberdeen Singapore Equity Fund, factsheet

[3] Target Value Fund, factsheet

[4] Value Partners Classic Fund, factsheet


  1. what about europe and china counters? templeton funds are super bullish on them coz their valuation are bloody cheap!

  2. Europe is indeed cheap, but economic news is still bad and long term growth might be subdued. However, European counters with exposure to Asia might be interesting. China was cheap, has gone up a bit, some investment ideas above in Value Partners Classic Fund. Vietnam might also be interesting.

  3. I'm surprised you are pushing the Target Value Fund - it's performance appears relatively unexciting...

  4. First of all I have not invested in any of the 4 founds, nor am I connected to any one in any way (just to be clear).

    But I have followed the 4 for a long time, and they are in my opinion good.

    The Target fund manager had also a predecessor fund which did pretty good, outperforming the benchmark.

    And lastly, the post was mostly meant for investing ideas, to be picked from the top holdings. I like the Apollo Fund also (a lot), but they don't publish their top holdings anymore, so I didn't include it.