Tuesday 3 March 2015

Timing of Earnings Announcements

Interesting article, although the outcome of the research is not exactly shocking:

This study examines the value relevance of the timing of earnings announcement dates relative to prior expectations. It shows that when firms advance their earnings announcements at least four days prior to expectations, the earnings surprises in those quarters tend to be positive and the abnormal returns from two days after the earnings release date was announced through one day after earnings are actually announced are positive and significant. The converse is true for firms that delay their earnings announcement at least four days relative to prior expectations. The study also shows that firms which delay their earnings release date at least four days after previously setting the date earlier are characterized by both negative earnings surprises and abnormal returns from the delay announcements through one day after the actual earnings announcement date. These results can be used by investors to earn abnormal returns, by security analysts in revising their forecasts, and by option traders when earnings announcement dates cross option expiration dates.

My guess is that the same holds in the Malaysian environment, companies with good results want the news quickly out, while companies with bad results will wait until the last day of the month.

Companies that further delay their results beyond what is allowed: a big red flag, often horrific news is waiting.

And the title of "champion in delaying" will go to Golden Plus:

Four audited financial statements, four annual reports and fifteen quarterly financial reports, all delayed. Not a bad score!

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