Thursday, 30 April 2015

Shareholders can query external auditors at general meetings

The issue if shareholders can ask questions to the external auditors was raised in the (rather heated, but very interesting from a corporate governance point of view) debate in Singapore regarding Noble Group.

Mak Yuen Teen wrote a clear answer to that matter in the Business Times (Singapore). Some snippets:

External auditors are appointed by shareholders, their report is addressed to shareholders, and they have a fiduciary relationship with them. It would be odd if shareholders appoint external auditors who report to them, but cannot ask questions about how they did the work.

.....  there is not much point in having external auditors present at general meetings - and companies being charged for it - just for them to issue boilerplate responses.

For example, shareholders at the Noble AGM could have asked questions about how the external auditors arrived at their audit opinion, the appropriateness of the accounting policies and assumptions used by the company, and how they audited the investments in associate companies such as Yancoal and biological assets.

As a matter of decorum, shareholders should direct their questions about the external audit or about other matters through the chairman of the meeting. The chairman should provide the opportunity for the external auditors, committee chairmen and others to answer these questions as appropriate.

To all readers who visit AGMs/EGMs and have questions regarding accounting matters, please feel free to follow the above advice. I assume the rules are the same in Malaysia.

On a side note: I hope to have time in the future to comment on Noble, which might also be worthwhile in the Malaysian context: although no company on Bursa has yet been targeted by a "shortseller", one day that surely will happen, better to be prepared for it, both for regulators and companies.

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