Friday, 29 May 2015

Hanergy: SFC is investigating

It seems that the SFC has started an investigation in the remarkable rise and fall of Hanergy, according to this article in The Financial Times. Some snippets:

Hong Kong’s securities watchdog has confirmed Hanergy is under investigation — hours after the troubled solar panel maker’s chairman dismissed any such probe as “purely rumour”.

In the interview with Xinhua, China’s official news agency, Mr Li lashed out at reports that followed the spectacular crash of its share price, which wiped nearly $19bn off Hanergy’s market capitalisation.

He said: “We can say that in Hanergy has never in its history been better than it is today, our business is prospering, and this is a great time for Hanergy.”

In his interview Mr Li said it was impossible for any investigation to be under way without his knowledge — a sentiment undermined by the SFC statement.

“This is purely rumour, there is no such possibility,” he said. “I would be the first to know if the authorities were really planning a probe. But I know nothing about such news.”

Mr Li, in the Xinhua interview, also appeared to address concerns that he had used shares of the company as collateral to secure loans, saying the company did not owe overdue bank loans or interest payments to any bank.

We never did before, we don’t now and I believe we won’t in the future,” he said.

If those statements are "entirely true", I have strong doubts about that, time will tell. The stock is still suspended.

In the mean time, at least one complaint has been filed in Hong Kong, by none other than David Webb.

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