Tuesday, 6 December 2011

47 million Americans on food stamps

Article from well known hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones about the poverty in the US. The richest country in the world has 47,000,000 Americans living on food stamps, simply unbelievable.

Link: http://www.absolutereturn-alpha.com/Article/2944827/Blogs/Paul-Tudor-Jones-I-have-had-trouble-sleeping-this-year.html?ArticleId=2944827


  1. Huh! It sounds unbelievable. The figure might be exaggerated but it still shows the disparity among the rich and the poor. I am now curious how much the US bankers had robbed from US citizens and the world.Is there any link that provide us a rough figure?

  2. I have seen other estimates of tens of millions people on stamps, so it might be a roughly right number.

    For the amount robbed by bankers, this article (from Bloomberg, they have chased the information for a long time, not many others followed up on it) gives some indications, the exact amount will never be known I am afraid:


  3. Does America still issue new Green Cards?
    If so this obviously means that those 47m have been declared too stupid to do any useful work and should be lucky enough to even be kept alive.