Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Raking muck, Part 1

David Webb is a Hong Kong based Corporate Governance advocate, with exactly the right background. He has worked in the financial world as an investment banker, and knows the world inside-out. His work is always of outstanding quality (I don't think he was ever proven wrong on any issue) and a shining example for regulators how to research complex situations with accounting, legal and other issues involved.

Part 1 of a new series, long but highly recommended:


  1. The article is very confusing. Maybe a picture involves the beneficiary parties will be better.

  2. I agree, excellent suggestion, a picture with all the relationships between the companies and people would help a lot. However, often the story gets more clear the further one goes, this is only part 1, so it might improve.

    May be you can drop an email to David Webb? He is very approachable, is my experience.