Friday 24 October 2014

Tomypak: CG issues

I wrote several times about Kuala Lumpur based fund manager Claire Barnes and the Apollo Fund which she manages.

In the latest quarterly report "FX headwinds & unheeded duties of care" corporate governance issues regarding Tomypak Holdings are described:

"A particular irritation has been the collapse of corporate governance at Tomypak Holdings, a Malaysian manufacturer of flexible packaging."

For a more detailed description I refer to the above link.

Of further interest is:

"We [the Apollo Fund] therefore expect the Securities Commission to require a General Offer, albeit at the low price of RM1.30."

Any readers with an interest in this company are invited to contact Claire Barnes.

The 5-year graph of Tomypak's share price:

The Apollo Fund is not the only fund which writes about corporate governance issues in their investment holdings. Singapore based Lighthouse Advisors for instance publishes public newsletters on their website with comments related to listed companies. Hopefully more funds will follow suit.

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