Monday, 9 January 2017

1,000,000 Pageviews

A nice milestone, a million page views!

When I started this blog in 2011 I could not have expected this, so much traffic for a not very popular subject, Corporate Governance in (mostly) Malaysia.

Probably some people came to this website for the wrong reasons (the number of visitors from Russia and Norway is for instance puzzling high), on the other hand i3investor republishes many of the blog postings, which much add to the overall readership.

From a monetization point of view it doesn't really matter: there is none on my blog, no advertisement etc.

This falls simply in the category of doing something back, though I am pretty sure that some of the companies and/or people I wrote about might not agree with that.

Thanks a lot to all the regular visitors.

And even more thanks to all regular contributors, all from within the industry: fund management, the press and also (former) directors of listed companies.

Unfortunately I don't have always time or knowledge to follow up on each tip, apologies for that.

Both the "Protasco's Puzzling Purchase" and "Oops, CIMB releases Vivocom's results premature" postings were based on information from anonymous tipsters, that kind of information is also very much appreciated.

And lastly, thanks to all poorly behaving directors of listed companies, without you there would be no material to write about.


  1. Congratulations Sir.

    I like your corporate governance, good vs evil, anti-corporate crime approach.

    Very refreshing postings that appeal to an intellectual audience. A lot of bad guys to bring to book. Listed companies to avoid inspite of "attractive" news flow and analysts reports.

    Thank you so much for the excellent work.

  2. Congratulations on 1 million views - an amazing achievement! While you may at times be frustrated there isn't more 'direct' impact from your postings, I'm sure there are a large of regular readers behind the scenes who hugely appreciate the content and are acting on it in their own capacity. The traffic from Norway may not be an error - that market does have a strong focus on ESG investment...

    1. Thank you! I thought Norway was possibly due to a VPN, but you might be right