Friday, 20 January 2017

Sabana Reit: shareholder activism

Shareholder activism is still very rare in Singapore (or Malaysia for that matter), so if it happens, we have to take note.

Some disgruntled shareholders of Sabana Reit have started a blog, voicing their discontent with the high fees that the company is paying, and proposing a restructure (bringing the management inside the listed company), which deals with the current conflict of interest between the management and the shareholders of the Reit.

Two snippets:

The Total Fees paid to the External Manager/Property Manager was $8,513,000 in 2013, $9,683,000 in 2014 and $9,288,000 in 2015!!!

On the other hand, the Annual Distribution per Unit paid to us DROPPED FROM 9.38 CENT TO 6.85 CENT in the same period.  We need to do something fast!!!

The share price of Sabana, which has performed badly:

The share price fell further after recently a rights issue was announced. With the money form the proposed rights issue new properties will be acquired which will (I assume) increase the management fees even further.

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