Friday 6 January 2017

1MDB's new audit company

According to this article from Bloomberg 1MDB has appointed Parker Randall as their new auditor.

Their UK website can be found here. Some screenshots:

I certainly hope that Parker Randall will be the right "choose" for 1MDB, that they can "delivery" that, with the help of the 3 E's: "Exceeding, Expectations, Experts".

The local firm executing the audit will most likely be AFTAAS.

The "about us" page does not reveal much information:

And is exactly the same as the Team-profile.

Similar to the Forum-page:

1MDB was worldwide one of the most talked about companies in 2016, and unfortunately often for the wrong reasons.

A lot of pressure will therefore be on the shoulders of little known outfit AFTAAS, which looks like a rather "remarkable" choice, given the size, scope and history of 1MDB.


  1. Could 1MDB's credibility possibly get any lower?

  2. The website is as fishy as Petro Saudi's

  3. Supermax last year appointed the same firm as its auditor