Friday 13 January 2017

Paramount acquisition: where are the financial numbers? (2)

As expected by this blog, Paramount Corp was queried by Bursa and answered accordingly.

I am still surprised that Paramount did not provide the rather basic information in the first place, listed companies should avoid being queried by Bursa, which hints at a possible lack of transparency.

The financials that Bursa asked for and Paramount provided:

In other words, based on the historic 2015 numbers:
  • 3.0 times revenue
  • PE of 22.7
  • 5.1 times shareholders equity

For an unlisted company these appear rather rich multiples.

However, ROE is quite high (23%), there is (some) branding, and the R.E.A.L. group probably has grown quite fast in the past.

Also, may be the 2016 numbers (which unaudited are surely already available) are good compared to the 2015 numbers.

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