Thursday, 5 January 2017

Malaysia, some interesting charts

From an article in the Financial Times, four charts that show Malaysia at the extremes. If that is good or bad, I leave that to the reader.

Malaysia spends less on public healthcare than any other country surveyed (4% of GDP) but has the largest amount of people who think they spend more (37% of GDP).

Anyhow, according to the survey Malaysians are the happiest among those surveyed.

From CLSA, a table that shows that Malaysia's gross savings % of GNI (Gross National Income) was one of the highest in 1997, but in 2015 the lowest among a group of Asian countries.

And lastly, China's growing role in FDI:

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  1. While 4% of GDP on Healthcare is low vs the west, it is not too dissimilar to neighbours such as Singapore (5%), Thailand (4%) and Indonesia (3%) - source WHO. Why is Healthcare spend lower? Perhaps because of the higher level of private Healthcare expenditure, 60% of total in Malaysia, which may be more efficient than Public sector Healthcare spend...