Wednesday 26 November 2014

Protasco: messy, messier, messiest

Protasco announced yesterday its quarterly results.

In it a RM 85 Million impairment on its messy "adventure" in Indonesia. No word about the guarantee that was given in the form of shares in a listed Indonesian company, PT Inovisi Infracom TBK.

Pages 13, 14, 15 and 16 contain details regarding the many court cases that are on going.

Today Protasco announced that its first EGM (there will be two) was twice postponed.

It can't really get much worse than that.

Was the management warned? Yes, please check this posting where lots of critical questions were asked by the reporter of BFM (the almost two years old interview is still available) to the General Managing Director.

One question from that interview and my comment:

"The deal is subject to renewal of the concession, which will expire in 2014 (again, why the hurry, why not first renew the concession?)"

Someone informed me that the reason the whole deal did not go through was that the concession was only renewed for a short period (again, this information is not revealed by the company, as so many other details).

So again, why the hurry, why did Protasco not wait for the renewal details, why did it want to close the deal so quickly and transfer RM 50 Million to the vendor (details of which are still not revealed)? And why did it (much later) even increase the potential loss further to the current RM 85 Million?

Unworthy for a Bursa listed company, if one would ask me.

Where are the regulators?

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  1. Tey Por Yee empire is crumbling. For those who read this blog ( please share it if you can.

    This is so the minority shareholders can vote to do the right thing.