Monday, 17 November 2014

Protasco: "Right to be heard"

Note: the blog "Right to be Heard" seems to be deleted.

I received an anonymous tip about a website with more information about Protasco's matters. The website can be found here.

Two interesting postings can be found which might contain original documents:
  • Agreement 1, allegedly signed on November 3, 2012;
  • Agreement 2, allegedly signed on June 28, 2013, the supplemental Sales and Purchase agreement.

I can't vouch that these scans are from real documents, but it seems interesting enough to provide the links to these articles. Especially the first document, which contains a lot of new information, at least to me.

Even if the documents are real, there might be more documents, and some might even cancel the agreements in the above links. I am pretty sure that in due course more information will be revealed, by the parties involved.

For people who want to trade in Protasco shares: buyers and sellers beware.


  1. The blog has been removed. Wonder why?

  2. Yes, I see what you mean, pity, I hoped for more revelations.

  3. As the countdown to next week’s Protasco EGM continues, here are some interesting points to ponder for shareholders who may want to consider why Tey Por Yee should be kicked out from Protasco’s board.

    Actually all those who have dealings with the Tey Por Yee syndicate and also the public at large should take note of this cautionary tale.

    Find out more here

  4. Thanks for the link, there are other blogs as well which write about Protasco, please Google and you will find them.

    Question: should shareholders rely on all sorts of blogs to get the information they should have received from the company itself a long time ago? Really weird situation.