Friday, 4 April 2014

Ideas, hints, tips etc for this Blog

Ideas, hints and tips are very welcome to me.

I get a fair share of information for this blog, most of them (very) helpful. I can't always act on them (my time is rather limited), but I will definitely try to do so.

There are two ways to reach me:

[1] The old way: leave a comment, if needed anonymously. I will publish the comment, unless I think the comment was meant in private (if that is indicated in the comment then of course I will always respect that).

[2] The new way: leave your email address and a message (name is optional) in the Contact Form Widget. These messages are never published on the blog and will go directly in my email inbox.

Unfortunately, the widget can't handle attachments, but you can send them after receiving my reply.

I have been pretty much overwhelmed by the interest for this blog, about 17,000 monthly unique page views is much more than I ever expected.

Corporate Governance is not exactly everyone's taste, especially in Malaysia (most investors just want "hot tips"), although things seem to improve.


  1. I personally preferred the old layout and colour scheme! Very clean and aesthetically appealing!

  2. Thanks. I found it a bit boring, because it was the default scheme. However, I will take your comment in consideration and play around a bit with layout and colours.