Thursday 3 April 2014

Michael Lewis: "Flash Boys" (2)

An alternative, rather critical view on Michael Lewis' latest book can be found here:

"Michael Lewis’ Repeat Omission: No Crimes Were Committed"

In Flash Boys, Michael Lewis has again launched a book that hews to his established formula: colorful outsiders take on a big bad entrenched establishment and win. Even though Lewis seems assured of having yet another best-seller, this book is getting more criticism than his works usually do. Put it this way: when commentators as diverse as Felix Salmon, Matt Levine, and Pam Martens feel compelled to object, it looks like Lewis has overfitted this tale to his blockbuster formula.

One of the mentioned links is written by Pam Martens:

"60 Minutes Sanitizes Its Report on High Frequency Trading"

Another interesting link is written by "Streetwise Professor":

"Michael Lewis’s HFT Book: More of a Dark Market Than a Lit One"

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